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Data Management

  • You know you've acquired the data…
  • You want to use the data…
  • But how do you gain access to it?

By outsourcing your data management to Geovault you can get rapid access to all non-seismic geophysical data holdings in your area of interest via your web browser.

Once your proprietary data is loaded into Geovault, it can be searched and retrieved through a secure web page by you and other members of your company.

GeoVault® can take care of all your data management requirements, such as the organisation, conditioning and loading of exploration data. This frees you from a data management overhead and ensures that the data are readily accessible on demand from the secure central database server.

GeoVault gives you:

  • Improved access to your data
  • Centralised storage of your data
  • The ability to share data with other company members or third parties
  • Cost effective data management
  • Access to 3rd party data libraries

GeoVault provides:

  • Maps for searching for data geographically
  • Forms for searching by other criteria
  • Reports of search results & individual surveys
  • Data delivery via your web browser and offline for large data sets

Geovault catalogues & stores your data

  • Make the most of your non-seismic geophysical data by providing a searchable catalogue on any desk top in your company.

Geovault secures your data

  • Your data can only be seen by you unless you choose to make it visible for trading.
  • Download access is controlled by a data manager at each subscriber company.
  • Other users can download data only if granted permission.

Geovault preserves your data formats

  • Your original data files are held in the database and retrieved in their correct format, ready for re-use by your applications software.

Geovault public & tradable data

  • You can choose to make the positions and descriptions of your surveys visible to other Geovault subscribers & visitors to encourage trading.
  • Many public domain data sets are available for download by all subscribers.

Speak to us about how you can better manage your data.

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