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About Geovault®

GeoVault is a data management service for gravity, magnetic and other non-seismic exploration data, providing data discovery and retrieval via the web. GeoVault allows you to store and rapidly access all your data holdings in your area of interest via your web browser. As well as data storage, GeoVault allows you to search for Multi-Client and Released data.

GeoVault is run by Bridgeporth Ltd and the British Geological Survey (BGS) who have years of experience working with gravity and magnetic data and can offer the benefit of secure long term digital archive capabilities at BGS headquarters. They saw that many exploration companies had good data but:

  • Didn't know where the data was
  • Didn't know how to access it
  • Didn't know it even existed

GeoVault solved these problems by providing a central repository of a company's non-seismic geophysical data. By being web based anyone who has permission can access the data 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world. Go to data management information Find out more

GeoVault is also used as a market place to buy and sell licensed data. Go to licensing information Find out more

History of FieldBank and GeoVault

2017 January

Geovault website map interface re-engineered, server hardware and software upgraded and security improved (SSL). Line navigation now visible on map when zoomed in to 1:50000 scale. Map service published of public map layers, see new Map Services page.

2016 May

Bridgeporth Ltd (An AustinBridgeporth Company) and the BGS enter into an agreement to form a Joint Venture which will provide a similar service to FieldBank. The name of the service is changed to GeoVault, which encapsulates that the service is not restricted to potential field data.

  • New website address and service name GeoVault
  • GeoVault will be an upgraded version of FieldBank.
  • GeoVault will provide a seamless transition for your non-seismic geophysical data management requirements
  • With several of the staff involved with FieldBank for over 15 years now working at Bridgeporth, there is strong continuity of service and associated knowledge.


ARKeX enter Administration at the end of 2015; BGS continue hosting the website and data archive.


FieldBank ( was established as an online data management system designed to store and retrieve non-seismic geophysical data. The service was a joint venture between ARKeX (formerly ARK Geophysics Ltd) and the British Geological Survey (BGS). Broadly speaking, ARKeX provided the commercial front end to FieldBank as well as conditioning of data to be archived and the BGS performed the populating of the (initially) POSC modified data tables, maintenance of the software as well as ensuring that the IT side of FieldBank complies with robust IT practices (i.e. backups etc).

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